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Qingshan Hotel is the first high star-level hotel under Suzhou High-Tech Travelling Merchant Development Co., Ltd. and the manager of the hotel has signed a technical support agreement with JAL Hotel Management Group, introducing their professional hotel management concept and mode, in order to bring new vitality to high star-level hotels in Suzhou.
Qingshan Hotel is located in Suzhou Science and Technology City (SSTT), a green smart city integrating "science and technology, landscape, culture and innovation"— Being a high star-level hotel concerning foreign affairs, the hotel takes full advantage of the unique landscape resources in the SSTT and improves the service supporting facilities on the premise of retaining the natural scenery. It creates a new way of transforming the abandoned construction pit, integrating mountain, water, and architecture as a whole, which is regarded as the perfect model of pit utilization.
The hotel, with Taihu Avenue Trunk-road to the south and Caishi Lake Park in front, is ringed on three sides by mountains. The total area for the SSTT new district project is estimated 25 km2.  The north part is to be slated for smoke-free industrial district, the middle part is for administrative office, commercial supporting district and residential district and the south part is for software industrial park. The New District Administrative Committee has moved into the SSTT, and the district is to be the new administrative center of the new district in the future. The SSTT has experienced five years’ development. Along with the planed entering of High-Tech Zone Municipal Administration Building, the regional development dynamics will be strengthened constantly and the public facilities will be improved quickly. At present, the government has invested almost ten billion Yuan to foster the infrastructure and supporting facilities of the SSTT. The main traffic arteries in the SSTT are Taihu Avenue, the ring expressway and No.230 provincial- road. The opening of the north ring elevated highway makes the seamless connection of the SSTT and urban areas come true. The comprehensive and reasonable plan, low-density and beautiful environment, improved living infrastructures as well as convenient transportation make the SSTT new district  a top choice for the high-level intellectual people seeking green living places.
Conference Hall
There are two large-scale conference halls without pillars which are 1,000㎡ and 450㎡ respectively. The hall can vary the conference table display based on the guest requirements and hold a large high-level meeting for up to 1,200 guests. Besides, the hotel also has 7 conference rooms with different areas from 45㎡ to 200㎡, which could meet the need of comprehensive meeting with around 300 persons. The meeting halls are all equipped with several high-tech equipment to satisfy the different demand from guests such as completed set of imported BOSCH stereo, built-in projector, 360°spherical digital camera, simultaneous interpretation system, etc.
In 2011, the Hotel undertook the 9th International Symposium on biological control and biotechnology (ISBB2011). Then during 2011-2013, the annual National Supreme Court Intellectual Property Conferences were all held here. Moreover, the hotel also received and serviced the Chinese Commercial Real Estate Development Summit Forum in 2012.
Accommodation and Entertainment
The hotel has one four-room suite (140㎡), two three-room suites (110㎡/set), 20 executive suites (90㎡/suite) and 18 deluxe suites (45㎡), 101 deluxe big-bed rooms (39㎡/room), and 102 deluxe standard rooms (39㎡/room). All the rooms are equipped with high-speed free wifi, full set of daily washing products and balcony--green hills, beautiful scenery all in eyes. For the convenience of guests, the hotel also provides intelligent sign system. After check in, we would download the client-side for guests at the first time; generally, the guests could find their rooms through the client-side map and when facing problems, the guests could contact with receptionist by using the client-side, which successfully realized obstacle-free communication with hotel. The rooms would add the mobile phone; in this way the guests could go out with the room phone for emergencies.
There are also many entertainment facilities in hotel as fitness center, KTV, chess room, SPA center, swimming pool and hairdressing and beauty places, a good place for leisure.
The two banquet halls could hold up to 1,000 persons. Qing Cafe western restaurant is set on the second floor of hotel with around 200 tables; you could enjoy fusion cuisine in open kitchen and space filled with business atmosphere. Chinese restaurant - Fangming Pavilion located at second floor, has 9 boxes with different sizes and styles holding 155 persons at most; the dishes belongs to Su, Hang cuisine style and also reserve the local feature. Combining with Chinese traditional architecture and modern classic design element, the Longjing and Biluo Halls at the center are displayed based on the mandarin-duck hall, a traditional garden-style. Besides, the ingredients as fruits and vegetables are all come from Qingshan Farm.
The eastern region of hotel is at the pit of Wulong Mountain. At early years, the pit was formed for quarrying; the peaceful lake was naturally appeared for water-logging. Part of surrounding mountains are bare and wrecked but without losing wild excitement. The eastern region is developed by adjusting measure to local condition; by taking advantage of topography, the lake and hills are been formed and garden be built to grow plants to receive the beauty of four seasons; further a feast and hotel be prepared to welcome guests from the world. The cuisine of eastern region is mainly Cantonese style.
The northern region of hotel is characterized with Suzhou classic garden architectural style, white walls, black roof-tiles, pavilions, water flowing beneath a little bridge, the layout is flexible, fusing artificial beauty and natural beauty together and resulting a fantastic and supernatural effect, which raise the natural beauty to a highest level. The cuisine of northern regions is Huaiyang style.
The Gongshan Island, not far from Hotel is also belonging to the hotel administrative area, which is the central island of Taihu Lake northeast area with water surrounded at all sides. The island consists of different sizes of Gongshan, opposite to the Buddha-Stone Pagoda in southwest; it is the essential part of Tianling scenic spot. The beautiful island is characterized with farmhouse dishes and all the cooking materials are cultivated and breed in island to make sure organic and pollution-free.
Scenic Spot
1. Taihu National Wetland Park AAAAA (15 minutes by car from Hotel to Scenic Spot)
As natural wetland, the spot was originally a beautiful bay of Taihu Lake, water and soil blending, submerged plants and living creatures under the water, egrets flying and Frogs, bird singing. The place was called “boat tour” in history because in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), King of Wu State often traveled here. On June of 2007, this Taihu Wetland Park was named as provincial-level garden by Forestry Bureau of Jiangsu Province. Then in February of 2010, the Park was opened to public officially.
2. Yuyang Mountain- first beauty of Taihu Lake (30 minutes by car from Hotel to the Scenic Spot)
Yuyang Mountain is located at the center zone of Suzhou Taihu National Tourist Vocation Zone, covering an area of more than 300Mu (1Mu=0.067 hectare). It is confronted with lake at three sides and shaped as head of a huge legendary turtle, in east- Xukou Ancient Town, north- Guangfu scenic, south- Dongting Mountain. Yuyang Mountain is the highlighted developed spot of Suzhou Taihu National Tourist Vocation Zone.
3. Baimajian Ecological Garden (20 minutes by car from Hotel to Scenic Spot)
Seated at the west of Fengqiao Street in High-tech Zone, the Baima Valley Ecological Garden is an important part of western Suzhou tourist zone with an area of 7 km2 and also is the original ecology “green lung” of high-tech district. Furthermore, it is only 16km from downtown and featured with superior location, convenience transport and developed economy. Designed by domestic famous Beijing Turen Design Institute, the ecological garden is divided into six functional areas (four natural scenic spots and two public recreation areas) with high standard, high start point and architectural harmony. It is projected to be positioned as the natural ecological-type leisure resort area to highlight the natural ecology and culture features.
4. Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden AAAAA (30 minutes by car from Hotel to Scenic Spot)
Humble Administrator's Garden dated back to the Zhengde Period of the Ming Dynasty (dawn of the 16th century), which has a history of over 500 years till 2014. It is the representative work of Southern China classical gardens. In 1961, Humble Administrator's Garden was identified as a national key cultural object protection unit and honored as the China's four famous gardens together with Beijing Summer Palace, Chengde Mountain Resort and Suzhou Lingering Garden. Later in 1991, it was listed as the national-level special tour spots by SDPC, Tourist Administration and Construction Ministry. Further, Humble Administrator's Garden was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1977 and be awarded as the first batch of National 5A tourist attractions by Tourist Administration in 2007.
Humble Administrator's Garden is located at the northeastern corner of Suzhou City (No.178 of Northeast Street), which is still the largest existing classic garden in Suzhou till 2014. The garden is centered with water with strong flavor of Yangtze River Delta, hill and water surrounding, beauty scenery seen from high position, flowers, lush carpet of green grass. Moreover it is divided into eastern, central and western parts, which altogether add up to 78 Mu in area (around 5.2 hectare); the eastern park is featured with broadness and brightness, the central park is the essence of whole garden, western park display architectural beauty, and the three parts have their own typical characteristics. The south part of Humble Administrator's Garden is residential zone, which shows the typical dwelling style of southern China. Suzhou garden museum was built at the south part of Humble Administrator's Garden, and is the only garden thematic museum in China.
5. Huqiu Mountain Scenic Spot AAAAA (20 minutes by car from Hotel to Scenic Spot)
Huqiu Mountain is a famous scenic spot in Suzhou and known for “First Attraction in Wuzhong” with nearly a history of nearly 2,500 years. The great writer Su Dongpo in Song Dynasty has ever said that “what a pity in life without travel in Huqiu Mountain after coming Suzhou”, which makes it a must-see place to travelers comes to Suzhou and signal of famous historical and cultural city-Suzhou City. The Huqiu currently now is the national AAAAA scenic spot, national key garden and national civilized unit with annual reception of almost 2 million persons from China and foreign countries.
1. 160km to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (2 hours and 30 minutes by car)
2. 100km to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (1 hour and 10 minutes by car)
3. 2km to Suzhou Ring Expressway (3 minutes by car)
4. 35km to Wuxi Shuofang Airport (40 minutes by car)
5. 15km to Suzhou Railway Station (20 minutes by car)
6. 45km to Suzhou North Station (45 minutes by car)
7. 2km to meeting place (SIPO Patent Examination Cooperation Jiangsu Center) (3 minutes by car)

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