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The important meeting certainly needs an excellent site. Suzhou Qingshan Hotel has been the preferred choice of conference such as small meeting, seminar and news conference in the city. The banquet hall, conference hall and all kinds of sites have been the ideal places of holding various activities. In addition, the Qingshan Hotel’s attentive service could leave an impressive memory for the guests.
The conference hall is designed elegantly and equipped with advanced facilities, which could be used in combination with neighboring rooms and also be available for various scaled activities. All the meeting spaces are installed with High-Speed Internet Service and audiovisual equipment.




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Conference and Banquet


Suzhou Qingshan Hotel is the first choice of conference such as small meetings, seminars and news conferences. The hotel adopts elegant design and provides the advanced facilities from the banquet hall to various private large meeting halls and conference facilities. The meeting spaces are also equipped with High-Speed Internet Service and audiovisual equipment. Besides, the neighboring rooms could be used in combination; so it is very suitable for various scale activities. We understand that it will not be easy for holding a vital event. Especially when the senior manager and overseas representatives gather together, any small mistake would never allowed. Hence, please be assured that our hotel professional conference consultant team would be at your service and assist you to handle every detail all the way.


Catering Services

Suzhou Qingshan Hotel possesses the local most top-rated Banquet Kitchen and excellent chef team. Lots of activities, big or small, our hotel could handle successfully and easily. On the terrace of hotel's top floor, our hotel could provide delicious snacks to let guests tasting the delicious food, while enjoying the nice view; on the gorgeous banquet hall, buffet dinner catering for 1,000 persons is also available.

 Area: 1,000 square meters 450 meters
 Capacity: 1,000 people


   Yongsan Hall
 Roundtable flat fixed platform type
 Size: 52 square meters
 Capacity: 16 people


   Maoshan Hall
 The Board sets the fixed type
 Size: 60 square meters
 Capacity: 20 people


   Qing Shan Hall
 Size: 95 square meters
 Capacity: 50 people


   Yuping Hall
 Size: 130 square meters
 Capacity: 100 people

Type / Name Area U-shaped Classroom Theatre Round table
Yongsan Hall 52 sqm / / / 16 people
Maoshan Hall 60 sqm 20 people / / /
Qing Shan Hall 95 sqm 40 people 60 people 100 people /
A Hall Ballroom 225 sqm 110 people 150 people 180 people /
Hall Ballroom B 225 sqm 110 people 150 people 180 people /
Ballroom 450 sqm 150 people 220 people 500 people /
Ballroom 1000 sqm Can accommodate up to 700 people /
Yuping Hall 130 sqm 45 people 80 people 100 people /

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